How To Update Kali Linux

Kali Linux’s Penetration testing system requires constant updating to keep the tools in functional order. This short tutorial will show you the command to update the tools and system.

Step One:

Start Kali Linux and open a terminal.

Step 1

Step Two:

Type apt-get update && apt-get upgrade (without quotes) in the terminal and hit Enter.

Step 2

     Kali will now check it’s webservers for updates. If there are any, it will ask you if you want to install them, hit Enter for yes. It’s hard to remember that long command at first, so I suggest checking out my post on how to create Permanent Aliases In Kali Linux if you wish to create an easy to remember short cut for this command.

Good luck out there!


  1. Hi, does kali updates get saved in live module

    1. No, everything done on a "Live" boot gets reset whenever you shut it down.

    2. In order to save updates and any personal settings, you'll have to either Install Kali Linux or use USB Persistence (Advanced).


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